About our Gallery

Founded in 1982, the Lowcountry Artists Gallery is the oldest artist-owned fine art gallery in Charleston, South Carolina. Located in the historic French Quarter of downtown Charleston, this fine art gallery is managed and curated by nine nationally and internationally renowned artists, along with 20 guest artists exhibiting original paintings, photography, prints, sculpture, and jewelry.

Lowcountry Artists Gallery prides itself on the variety of subject matter and styles included in the collection. In addition to traditional Charleston scenes and lowcountry landscapes, contemporary, abstract, still life, and figurative work is also available. Life-size copper frogs, miniature construction, sweetgrass baskets and jewelry are also part of the display. 

The owner artists are in the gallery daily and are always available to answer questions and assist collectors with their selections. Personal consultations with individuals, corporations, and designers are welcomed, and specific commissions can be arranged. Contact us for more information or start by browsing our vast selection of artists.

We look forward to your visit to The Charleston Art Destination.

Our Team

Originally a native of Iowa, Rana is an award winning artist who paints in a loose, impressionistic style with her brush and palette knife.

Lynne shares her stories through her brushes in a variety of art medias from oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, encaustic and collages.

Working primarily in pastel, she paints landscapes using atmosphere and light to create mood and expression in her art.

Sandra is currently working on a series of watercolor painting featuring people who are passionate about their work. She finds the ordinary to be extraordinary. 

Norma is “painting like a mad woman.” Don’t be surprised to see her on the roadside camera in hand, wrapped up in her easel, or leaping from a moving car to capture subjects and forever covered in paint.

Ivo’s long exposure technique transforms iconic natural and city landscapes into contemplative surrealist worlds untouched by humans.

Growing up at the beach, the ocean dominated his life and his work, with the subject matter of his paintings almost always pertaining to the sea in some shape or form.

Lisa is most inspired by the natural beauty of the South Carolina coast and strives to capture its enchanting atmosphere. It is little wonder that glowing skies, tranquil waters, and towering pines are among her favorite subjects.

My recent practice has been to capture in camera, light and motion with slow shutter speeds, long exposures and intentional blur or false focus along with works of shadows and capturing hearts in everyday elements.

Lowcountry Artists Gallery, Art Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina

The Lowcountry Artists Gallery is an active member of the Charleston Gallery Association.