Ivo Kerssemakers
Ivo Kerssemakers, Lowcountry Artists Gallery
Ivo Kerssemakers

Ivo Kerssemakers

Ivo Kerssemakers is a Dutch American photographer born in the Netherlands based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Kerssemakers uses long exposure to create large-format landscape and cityscape photographs devoid of people or movement. This stillness allows the viewer to experience extraordinary natural and historic environments without the distraction of people, cars, or other visual noise.

Kerssemakers’ long exposure technique transforms iconic natural and city landscapes into contemplative surrealist worlds untouched by humans. To achieve the effect, he uses neutral density filters and up to 16 stops with exposure times of over four minutes.
Using a large-format printer, Kerssemakers creates archival works on canvas and fiber fine art paper.

“Kersssemakers’ photos don’t just capture the natural beauty of landscapes, or the architectural importance of historical cities. They create worlds untouched by humans, solitary rabbit holes you’ll want to fall into, and ethereal universes that satisfy a longing for peace and simplicity.”
– Charleston Style & Design Magazine

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