About Norma Ballentine-Cable

“I am constantly amazed at the beauty surrounding us. My desire is to capture the light, dancing shadows, movement, expressions, and vivid colors that are on display to amaze us!”

Born in Charleston and raised on Sullivan’s Island, Norma is thoroughly immersed and respectful of the culture of the Carolina Lowcountry. After forty years devoted to children and a career with Bell South, Norma is “painting like a mad woman.” Now is the time to pursue her painting passion. Don’t be surprised to see her on the roadside camera in hand, wrapped up in her easel, or leaping from a moving car to capture subjects and forever covered in paint.

Norma delights in capturing unique subjects in the Carolina Lowcountry and worldwide. She credits Virginia Fouche Bolton, her dedicated high school art teacher, for igniting the spark. As praise and thanks to our Creator, the greatest painter of all, the cross is integral to her signature. Studies at the College of Charleston and workshops across the country have all contributed to her awakening. She served the Charleston Artist Guild as President, board member in many capacities, and currently organizes summer camp workshops for children of Pattison’s Academy.