About Lynne Hardwick

lynne Hardwick - lynne_hardwick_profile_pic“My art is an intuitive, personal journey based on my life experiences. My insatiable desire to meet the world’s people, visit their countries, embrace their cultures, art, antiquities, spirituality, and beliefs, have fueled my passion to share these adventures through my art. I am humbled knowing that what comes from my heart and soul has caused people to collect my pieces. I am living my dream and it is overwhelming and wonderful.” – Lynne

Lynne Hardwick’s art is an intuitive, personal journey based on her life experiences.  She shares her stories through her brushes in a variety art media. An avid traveler, Hardwick has an insatiable desire to meet the world’s people, see their countries, embrace their cultures, and dig into their antiquities, as well as their spirituality and beliefs. Art has motivated and enabled her to travel nationality and internationally since 1965.  Hardwick’s art work and paintings are built symbolically by her life, travels, and the pure joy of living these experiences.

After beginning to paint in earnest in 1973 Hardwick has studied with a multitude of the world’s finest award winning teachers. Now an award winner in her own right, she still maintains studies a minimum of eight weeks a year. Since 1985 she has painted on site through out Europe,  South America, Mexico, Canada, as well as the United States. Although her work is abstract and generally non-objective, viewers are able to sense the influences of her travel and Hardwick’s unique design allows them to find their own stories in her artwork.

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Signature Awards, National and International:

  • International Society of Experimental Artists
  • International Society of Acrylic Artists
  • Missouri Watercolor Society
  • Northwest Watercolor Society
  • Southern Watercolor Society
  • South Carolina Watermedia Society
  • Wales Int’l Exchange Exhibit

Select Awards:

  • Art League of Hilton Head
  • Charleston Artists Guild
  • Charleston City Gallery
  • Piccolo-Spoleto
  • Pikes Peak Int’l
  • Rocky Mountain Nat’l
  • S.C. State Fair – 1st Place
  • WAS-H Houston Int’l

Affiliations & Shows:

  • Adirondack Nat’l
  • Atalaya SC
  • American Watercolor Society
  • Kiawah Arts Festival
  • MOJA Arts Festival
  • N. Charleston Performing Arts Center
  • San Diego Int’l Watercolor Society
  • Watercolor Society of Alabama

Permanent Museum Collections:

  • Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum

Featured in The Creative Edge by Mary Todd Beam