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About Joyce Harvey

joyceheadshot“Painting is a way for me to capture or interpret a beautiful memory, thought or feeling in an unexpected way. The excitement of facing a blank canvas with a full palette of paint is simply…magic.” – Joyce

Joyce Harvey lives, works, plays and paints in Charleston SC.  She spends much of her time boating the lowcountry marshes or sailing the east coast from Florida to New England—the inspiration for many of her paintings. 

Her art today reflects a lifelong love of the water. While she continues to develop her artistic style, she specializes in expressive small oil paintings in both palette knife and brush. She began painting with palette knives; enjoying the energy, excitement, texture and vivid colors created with just a knife. Even as a child she was always drawn to paintings that make you want to touch them. She loves the added dimension of how thick paint captures but also reflects light, allowing one painting to create different moods in changing light conditions. Along with energetic, vibrant colored palette knife paintings she also captures the peaceful serenity of quiet marshes, seaside scenes. In either brush or knife style, she paints to create magical small paintings that leap off a wall with color and energy to draw you in from across a room for a closer look.  Observers new to her work are usually surprised to find the same artist created paintings with such dramatically different styles—her favorite compliment of all.

Joyce has worked for more than 25 years in television having always enjoyed the challenge of visually telling stories. This included eight years an anchor, reporter, producer for the CNN networks, and time at The Weather Channel in addition to numerous independent productions. An avid traveler; she enjoys exploring art around the world, from the Galapagos Islands, to Croatia to the premier art scenes in France and Italy. As a University of Colorado, Boulder graduate, she still looks for every opportunity to play in the Colorado snow.

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