Renee Kahn

Renee Kahn received a BA from The City College of New York and an MAT from Brown University.

Prior to moving to Charleston SC, she lived in Providence, RI where she  exhibited and taught art and art history

She has exhibited locally and in numerous locations in South Carolina. She has also exhibited nationally and internationally in Canada, and in Tel Aviv, Israel and will be exhibiting in China with the Missouri Watercolor Society’s International Show.

Ms. Kahn’s artwork has appeared in the books Transparent Watercolor by Inessa Derkatch, Revealing World Religions by Cynthia Eller and in Jewish Women in the Visual Arts by Hedwig Brenner.

Ms. Kahn’s conceptual approach to the figure has been molded by memories, emotions and reactions to body language, design and color. Her themes are family, relationships and life’s passages. The goal of her paintings is to create the maximum intensity using the least amount of means

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High Anxiety
My House
My Love
Escape 2-bird seller series
The Sleeping beauties
Mosaics and Mates
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