About Page Burgess

Burgess Artist photoTesserae is the term for the stones comprising mosaics. The knitted necklaces are wearable mosaics in essence, combining gemstones, pearls, clay and natural elements using knitting needles and fine gauge wire to create a mesh matrix following the curvature of the neck.

Page’s background includes a career in Fashion Merchandising as well as a degree in Art. Combining and contrasting varying textures, shiny and matte stones and asymmetrical shapes, Page’s necklaces are wrought by hand, and naturally responsive to our temperature. Custom necklaces are a specialty; you are invited to select your preferred shapes, colors, and stones to collaborate with Page to create one-of-a-kind adornments.

“I am intrigued by the wonders that manifest from the dark deeps, and the reflecting light the stones carry when worn close to our faces. I love creating the combinations with my hands, and seeing your pleasure in the wearing. Please come in and try them on!”