About Karen Silvestro

Karen Silvestro - Biography

Artist’s Statement:

Charcoal drawing is my way of linking humanity to nature.  My senses are awakened to what I hear, see, touch and smell, and they become sketches in my mind.

Trees talk to me about their history, their struggles, and their lovers.  Their branches reach out to me and share the heights of their joy, while their darkness is revealed in the mystery of their entangled roots.

While watching the skies move and form their clouds, their stillness tells me stories of infinite possibilities, or the restlessness of an approaching storm.

The crackling sound of a roaring fire draws me in.  I’m wrangled by its warmth or frightened by its uncontrolled burn.

Water reveals it’s fathomless depths. Yet, I am lulled by the sound of its fluidity and rhythm as it flows freely, finding its way to integration with the seas.

All I see, hear, touch and smell is remembered and formed on a clean piece of paper where all four elements—earth, air, fire, and water – encircle me, feed me, and touch me deep inside.

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