About Karen Silvestro

Karen Silvestro - Biography

I’m fascinated by people — their emotions, their stories and secrets, their interpersonal dynamics… their array of psychological and spiritual ingredients that make them beautifully complicated human beings.

Through the use of the figure and symbolism in my paintings, I seek to capture universal feelings and recreate heartfelt human experiences. Recently, I’ve been most interested in portraying those difficult life experiences that are often catalysts for change and growth within people. When a viewer reacts reflectively to one of my paintings saying, “I’ve been therebefore!” I know I have succeeded in creating a bond of human experience.

My shows are all conceptual, and sometimes touch on themes that many shy away from. Society often convinces people they should look, feel, act, and be a certain way. I find beauty in the truth of our life stories, and strive to show real people, real feelings, and real stories with my paintings.

My way of linking humanity to nature is through my charcoal drawings. Trees talk to me about their history, their struggles, and their lovers. Nature tells me stories of infinite possibilities. It encircles me, feeds me, and touches me deep inside … and I grow.


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