About Meryl Lefkovich

Meryl Lefkovich

I am an independent jewelry designer based in Asheville, NC by way of Boston, MA Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.

My creative journey has taken me down many paths; painter, art consultant, gallery manager, interior design to what has become my ultimate passion, metalsmithing and jewelry design.

I am inspired by the raw, organic, pure elements of nature and the art and design of ancient cultures. My background in art history and painting harmonizes with my intention to capture nature’s beauty, strength and authenticity in my jewelry. I strive to pass this energy onto the wearer, connecting them to their own true nature.

Each piece begins with an imagination, inspired by something I’ve seen in nature or the influence of a culture. I rarely sketch, preferring to let the materials morph naturally into my vision.

While much of my work captures fine details in nature, I have recently been working on a series of designs inspired by the works and vision of Georgia O’Keeffe. These are abstract floral shapes and forms sculpted in wax and cast in sterling silver. I then add gemstones and raw diamonds; the painter in me loves to add color and texture, creating what I sometimes see as paintings in metal.

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