About Kari Swanson

Kari Swanson is a local artist who resides in Charleston, SC. She began her art career by studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. She left art to obtain a degree in education. Kari returned to her love of art twenty years later and attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She majored in painting and drawing. She minored in art history and museum installation. Kari then attended the art program at Miami University of Ohio. She completed her studies in painting and multimedia drawing. She also became a paper maker and collage artist.

“I paint primarily with acrylic paints. But I also love to experiment with mixing other mediums such as chalk, ink and cray-pas on the canvas. I use texture for reflection and image movement. I am inspired by everything, including: landscapes, the figure, seascapes and street scenes. The colors, textures and vitality found in Charleston have greatly influenced my work. I am an abstract impressionist painter. I try to capture the mood and feeling of my surroundings. I want to create a mood with each piece. I hope that the viewer will see what is presented in my work, and through his interpretation, make a personal connection with the piece.”