About Karen Burnette Garner

Karen Burnette Garner is a native of Georgia and has painted professionally since 1983. Without formal training, she sought instruction from mentor John Baden-Nuttall, an English art master and world traveler, and for three years she studied the creation and business of art. Those three years formed the base for a continual expansion of knowledge and dedication to art as she grew her skills, and matured in her techniques. She enhanced her painting skills under the tutelage of the late Al Brouillette, and modeled her art business career after artist Ray Ellis, who she revered.

The literary images of writer Pat Conroy’s works run deep within her art. Her series of Charleston/Lowcountry images numbers over 1,500 works, and continues to grow. The lowcountry is a constant inspiration that speaks to her heart. After over thirty years as a professional artist, Ms. Garner has developed her own style and life philosophy, incorporating an appreciation for beauty, creativity, and inspiration into grateful daily living.