About Beverly Brunswig

Born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, the artist has been painting and drawing since she was very young and especially loved cutting paper dolls and their dresses. Her first teenage employment was designing and making artwork and lettering stencils for engraving tombstones in Ocala, Florida. She received her B. A. degree in fine art and art education from Florida Atlantic University. For forty one years she taught art in public and private schools in several states, implemented art programs for two private schools in the Lowcountry, and ran one of them for over thirty years.
Favored subject matter has been wildlife and children, rendered in watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil and repousse-engraving and embossing on copper sheeting. It would be decades before it dawned on her that the seed for her most loved media was likely planted in junior high school home economics when she began to create and cut her own sewing patterns. In 2001, the discovery of paper sculpture took her love of detail to a new level. In this media, the artist is totally self- taught.
“Although I am still excited when I see the finished face or scape emerge on flat paper or canvas, I am absolutely enamored with the challenges of creating art that fluctuates between two and three dimensions. My true passion is paper sculpture and capturing the elegance of lines drawn by shadows on my often monochromatic assemblages.”
Each sculpture is unique with its own set of challenges. Love of detail pushes her beyond the simplicity rendered by some other paper sculptors who depict detail by adding paint, pencil, or pen. Always, her quest is respectful representation of what Another’s Hand has made. The joy for this artist is not arrival at the destination, a completed piece, but the knowledge and experience gained in the journey of getting there.
She has traversed country roads, black water rivers, sandy beaches, and cobble stone streets. Time and trial have transformed her from the shy six year old, engaged in making her own paper dolls, to an old broad who still absolutely loves acquiring new knowledge, figuring out how to make paper do what she wants, and, of course, new scissors!

Present Affiliations
Charleston Artist Guild Exhibiting Member
Lowcountry Artists Gallery Guest Artist

Past Affiliations
Orangeburg League of the Arts
Summerville Artist Guild
Art Central Art Gallery
Charleston Art Gallery & Portrait Studio
Courtyard Art Gallery