Our Owner Artists

Kellie Jacobs

“I am fascinated with the light at the end of the day. When the evening sun is low and warm touching the tops of thesand dunes and grasses of the marsh is the time of day I love best...”
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Rana Jordahl

“I paint to portray not only the structure and color of the local architecture and lowcountry marshes, but also the emotional energy...”
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Lynne Hardwick

“I am humbled knowing that what comes from my heart and soul has touched people who collect my pieces. I am living my dream and it is overwhelming and wonderful...”
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Sandra W. Roper

“I simply love Charleston. It represents and unique era of time that will never be seen again. Charleston is filled with romance, creativity, brilliance, hardships and so much more...”
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Ivo Kerssemakers

“Long exposure photography allows me to create surreal looking landscapes out of ordinary ones...”
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Norma Morris Cable

“I am constantly amazed at the beauty surrounding us. My desire is to capture the light, dancing shadows, movement, expressions, and vivid colors...”
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Gaston Locklear

This series of work is inspired by the layers of graphics found on billboards, urban walls, and other public spaces. Over time, bits and pieces of information are lost and overlapped...
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Fran J. Davies

“Art is a wonderful way to keep a visual diary of my relationship to the world around me...”
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Nicole Robinson

“The intricate details of a scene attract my attention; it might be the light teasing me to a spot hidden away or the texture of a simple subject...”
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Our Guest Artists

Tommy Beaver

Joyce Harvey

Carolyn Epperly

Marty Biernbaum

Kari Swanson

Jill Corless

Lisa Willits

Margaret Cutter

Shelia Thompson

Patsy Tidwell

Tina Mayland

Tim Greaves

Cat Wondergem

Shirley Springs Kratz

Our 3d Artists

Ken Hammilton

Pete Rock

Zan Smith

Shane Fero

Sylvia McCollum

Charles Smith

Stephen T. Vadakin

Judy Mooney